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Boost Sales and Recharge Your Customers' Peace of Mind by replacing their worn out APC batteries.

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Even APC admit their batteries only last an average of three years so revisit your customers to ensure their essential equipment is fully protected.*

If your customers UPS has been in service for some time it's a good idea to change the batteries over to make sure the UPS will do it's job in the event of a power out. We supply both genuine APC batteries as well as lower cost, GREEN 3rd party replacements that will make you more profit. And if the whole UPS needs changing, we can advise on that as well !

MJR solutions are GREEN as they replace the batteries using the existing mounting frame + wiring when possible.

  Change your customers Old APC UPS batteries to make sure they still do their job in the event of a power proble.

Genuine APC replacement batteries   3rd party equivalent 
  APC Part Number Description Price       3rd Party Part Number Price  
  APC-RBC48 For use in SUA750i Tower Units £ CALL       MJR-RBC48 £ CALL  
  APC-RBC6 For use in SUA1000i Tower Units £ CALL       MJR-RBC6 £ CALL  
  APC-RBC7 For use in SUA1500i Tower Units £ CALL       MJR-RBC7 £ CALL  
  APC-RBC24 For use in SUA1500RMi2U Rack Units £ CALL       MJR-RBC24 £ CALL  
  APC-RBC55 For use in SUA2200i & SUA3000i
Tower Units
£ CALL       MJR-RBC55 £ CALL  
  APC-RBC43 For use in SUA2200RMi2U &
SUA3000RMi2U Rack Units
£ CALL       MJR-RBC43 £ CALL  

We can supply replacement batteries for all APC units.
For a full list of replacement batteries or pricing on a complete new replacement UPS from APC & Eaton please call me on 02380 669955


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